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Welcome to VIP Cosmetic Surgery's blog, where you can read blog posts about all things aesthetics and ways to enhance natural beauty.

Can FaceTite Be Used With Other Aesthetic Treatments?

Dr. Kenneth D. Farr | 09/03/2022

FaceTite can be combined with cosmetic injections for even better results. See how wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers work with this treatment here.


At What Age Can I Get Eyelid Surgery?

Dr. Kenneth D. Farr | 08/30/2022

Blepharoplasty surgery benefits virtually anyone. Learn more about how this exciting procedure can enhance your appearance at every age.


How Long Can I Expect FaceTite™ Results to Last?

Dr. Kenneth D. Farr | 07/31/2022

FaceTite is an anti-aging procedure that reduces loose skin and fat pockets in the mid-to-lower face. See how long your FaceTite results last here.


Firm Your Skin After Weight Loss With Nonsurgical Body Contouring

Dr. Kenneth D. Farr | 06/30/2022

Morpheus8 is a form of nonsurgical body contouring that reduces wrinkles and loose skin. See how this procedure benefits recent weight loss patients.


How Long Can I Expect Threads to Last After A Threadlift?

Dr. Kenneth D. Farr | 05/31/2022

Learn how PDO thread lifts can smooth out smoker’s lines without surgery to provide a younger-looking, more youthful appearance you can be proud of.


Can an Eyelid Lift Fix My Tired Looking Eyes?

Dr. Kenneth D. Farr | 04/30/2022

An eyelid lift can restore your eyes by helping remove excess skin and fat deposits around the eyelids.


When to Choose FaceTite™ Treatment Over Facelift Surgery

Dr. Kenneth D. Farr | 03/25/2022

Loose skin and fat pockets can make your face appear older or more tired. Learn when to choose FaceTite anti-aging treatments over plastic surgery.


Tighten Up Those Problem Areas With Nonsurgical Body Contouring

Dr. Kenneth D. Farr | 02/25/2022

If you have noticed that your skin is starting to lose its youthful firmness, you may be excited to learn about Morpheus8™.


Get A Youthful, More Natural Appearance With InstaLift®

Dr. Kenneth D. Farr | 01/28/2022

Imagine a nonsurgical alternative to facelift that can give you a lifted look that lasts for years. With InstaLift, this dream can become a reality.


Roll Back the Clock on Aging With FaceTite™ Treatments

Dr. Kenneth D. Farr | 12/31/2021

The FaceTite procedure can help reduce the sign of aging on your skin. Keep reading to find out more.


How Long Will Eyelid Lift Scars Take To Heal?

Dr. Kenneth D. Farr | 11/27/2021

Get the answers to all of your blepharoplasty recovery FAQ here, including how long your eyelid lift incisions may take to heal.


Will My Eyes Look Bigger After Eyelid Surgery?

Dr. Kenneth D. Farr | 10/25/2021

Eyelid surgery can help you achieve younger-looking, bigger eyes for a more appealing look. Learn how eyelid surgery – or eyelid lifts – work.


How Should I Care for My Eyes After an Eyelid Lift?

Dr. Kenneth D. Farr | 09/27/2021

A surgical eyelid lift can refresh your face and help you see better. Read our eyelid lift recovery guidelines that make healing easy and comfortable.


Are Saggy Eyelids Impairing Your Vision? Consider an Eyelid Lift

Dr. Kenneth D. Farr | 08/20/2021

If saggy skin around your eyes is impairing your vision, consider an eyelid lift for increased functionality as well as a more youthful appearance.


Refresh, Renew, and Rejuvenate with MINT™ PDO

Melissa Farr | 07/23/2021

What can you do if you’re already experiencing the effects of aging?


Five Signs It’s Time For Eye Rejuvenation

Dr. Kenneth D. Farr | 07/15/2021

Consider these telling signs and symptoms of facial aging that may mean you are a candidate for surgical or nonsurgical eye rejuvenation.


Say Hello To Younger-Looking Eyes With An Eyelid Lift

Dr. Kenneth D. Farr | 06/15/2021

You may be surprised to learn how much of an impact your eyes make on your overall appearance. Consider blepharoplasty to refresh your face today!


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