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Can an Eyelid Lift Fix My Tired Looking Eyes?

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Blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift, can remove excess skin and tissue around the lower and upper eyelids. The process treats loose or sagging skin that can impact the natural contours of your upper eyelids, making your eyes look more visible. It can also make you look more alert and keep your skin from potentially impairing your vision.

Board-certified ophthalmologist and oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Kenneth D. Farr proudly offers the eyelid lift at VIP Cosmetic Surgery for patients near Okatie, SC. This procedure can make your eyes look more attractive and give you a more flattering appearance.

Here’s a closer look at everything involved with an eyelid lift.

What does the eyelid lift process entail?

Dr. Farr can complete an eyelid lift on both the upper and lower eyelids. You will require general anesthesia or IV sedation at the start of the procedure.

For the upper eyelids, excess skin that is impairing your appearance will be removed. We will prepare an incision around the lash line or the natural crease to access the skin for removal. The incision site also reduces the potential for visible scarring following the surgery. Excess fat deposits around the eyelid can also be removed, and the muscles may be tightened or repositioned depending on how they respond to the procedure.

On the lower eyelid, a small incision is made under the lash line, and fat is removed. The skin will then be lifted to create a smoother appearance. This will reduce skin puffiness under the lower eyelid.

Most procedures take up to two hours to complete, with the timeline varying surrounding whether you need help for one part of the eyelid or both. You will need to rest for a few days afterward to allow the swelling and bruising to resolve.

The sutures used to seal the incision sites will stay in place for about a week and you'll need to avoid direct contact to ensure proper healing.

How long will eyelid lift results last?

The results from your eyelid lift surgery can last for ten years or more on average, but other facial treatments may be necessary as the aging process will still continue. Dermal fillers may be useful in some situations, although every patient’s needs are different. It should only take a few months for the treatment area to fully heal, but you’ll notice a much-improved appearance around your eyes.

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An eyelid lift is one of the ultimate anti-aging procedures for men and women interested in improved functionality and facial appearance. If you want to refresh and rejuvenate your look, board-certified ophthalmologist and oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Kenneth D. Farr and the team at VIP Cosmetic Surgery are here to help you with your cosmetic needs. We have offices in both Hilton Head and Okatie, SC, so contact us to schedule an appointment at either location

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