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Roll Back the Clock on Aging With FaceTite™ Treatments

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As you age, your skin may become wrinkled and saggy. This can affect not only your physical appearance but also your self-esteem. However, with FaceTite, you can reduce the symptoms of aging and renew your skin. Board-certified ophthalmologist and oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Kenneth D. Farr can help you roll back the clock on your aging. Schedule a consultation with VIP Cosmetic Surgery in Hilton Head or Okatie, SC to learn how FaceTite can help you today.

What is FaceTite?

FaceTite is a procedure that is designed to melt fat cells and improve the production of collagen within your skin. This treatment targets loose skin around your chin, neck, and jowls. However, you can treat other areas as well, including your neck, jawline, cheeks, nasolabial folds, forehead and brows, and around your eyes. This can give you a tighter and more youthful appearance. You can achieve these results without the invasive nature and long recovery of other cosmetic procedures.

How does FaceTite work?

FaceTite uses a small cannula placed underneath your skin; this is done with local anesthesia. Once the cannula is in, we can monitor your temperature through internal and external thermometers to keep the heat level comfortable. Then, RF (radiofrequency) energy is passed through your cells, causing your skin to contract. This leads to an increase in collagen production in your skin. Each session lasts about 45 minutes per treatment area.

What happens after my procedure?

After you finish your treatment, you can finish resting and recovering at home. You will need to wear your compression garment for the rest of the day. You should also be able to resume normal daily activities after the first day. It takes around three days for any redness and swelling to go away after your FaceTite procedure. You may also need to avoid strenuous activities, like exercise, for up to two weeks after your treatment. You may see results almost immediately, but final results may not be visible for up to eight weeks. FaceTite results should be long-lasting if you maintain a stable weight and take care of treatment areas. If you think FaceTite is the right option for you, contact VIP Cosmetic Surgery in Hilton Head or Okatie, SC to learn how Dr. Farr can help you today.

Frequently asked questions

Should I get a facelift or FaceTite? For those with severe wrinkles and sagging skin, a facelift can rejuvenate your face; however, a long recovery and healing process is associated with a facelift. FaceTite can be used to achieve dramatic results without the lengthy recovery process.

How many FaceTite treatments will I need? Since every patient is different, there is no one exact answer. However, while you may see results after one treatment, you may need multiple procedures to achieve your goals and desires.

Where can I get FaceTite in Hilton Head or Okatie, SC?

FaceTite is a nonsurgical procedure designed to reverse the signs of aging and give you a more youthful appearance without a long recovery period. Dr. Kenneth D. Farr can help you find the best treatment plan for your specific goals and desires. Contact VIP Cosmetic Surgery in Hilton Head or Okatie, SC for a full consultation on the state of your current cosmetic needs.

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