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PDO Thread Lift in Bluffton, SC

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What Is a PDO Thread Lift?

Smokers' lines are a series of vertical lines that run across the lips, as well as throughout the skin between the upper lip and nose. These can cause patients to look much older than they offer, which often leads to problems with self-confidence. Fortunately, at VIP Cosmetic Surgery, we can utilize PDO threads to tighten these lines with results that are immediate and require little to no downtime. Contact our office in Bluffton, SC today to learn more about this exciting procedure from Dr. Kenneth Farr or a member of his experienced staff.

What Are the Benefits of a PDO Thread Lift?

A PDO thread lift administered at VIP Cosmetic Surgery by Dr. Farr or a member of his team is a fantastic choice for men and women who want a refreshed look without invasive surgery and downtime. Benefits of a thread lift in Bluffton, SC include:

  • Stimulating collagen production
  • Minimizing sagging and loose skin
  • Firming the skin around the face and/or neck
  • Reducing the signs of a double chin
  • Rejuvenating your appearance and fighting aging
  • Long-lasting results

Am I A Good Candidate for a PDO Thread Lift?

Ideal candidates for a facial thread lift are generally those between ages 35 and 65 who are seeking to:

  • Obtain plumper skin without having major procedures
  • Spur collagen production in the skin
  • Minimize any degree of sagging or wrinkles on the neck and/or face
  • Treat visible aging signs, like deep creases around the mouth nasal area, drooping jowls, loose skin, and lipstick lines
  • Obtain more enduring outcomes than cosmetic injections

During your consultation in Bluffton, SC, Dr. Farr and our team will work with you to decide if a thread lift treatment is ideal for your needs.

How is a PDO Thread Lift Performed?

A PDO thread lift uses dissolvable sutures, which pull the skin tight. As time passes, these will slowly disintegrate into the skin, stimulating the body's natural production of collagen and elastin. In turn, the overall health of the skin will continue to increase, making the skin more naturally taught. At our facility, we utilize this treatment in order to reduce the appearance of smokers' lines for our patients. Though the treatment area may feel tight in the immediate aftermath of the procedure, patients will be free to return to their usual schedules immediately after their session.

What Should I Expect After A PDO Thread Lift?

After a thread lift, it's normal to see some minor swelling and redness. Be sure to abstain from intensive activities, and keep your head lifted while sleeping over the next few days. In about a week or so, you will start to enjoy your rejuvenated results. The polydioxanone sutures encourage collagen and elastin production for ongoing improvements during the next year to year-and-a-half. Patients usually just need one PDO thread lift procedure to obtain visible outcomes but might want to have touch-up sessions within the next year or two to preserve their youthful outcomes.

PDO Thread Lift FAQs

How long will my results last?
There are a number of individual factors which impact the length of your results. Patients who have more severe lines, certain skin types, and continuous activity which contributes to lining may see their results wear off more quickly than others. In general, VIP Cosmetic Surgery patients report results lasting 18 months or longer.

Does it hurt?
In general, PDO thread lifts are known to be painless and minimally invasive. This FDA-approved procedure utilizes dissolvable sutures to create a lift internally, without the surface level risk of scarring or pain from suture removal. In addition, you and Dr. Farr can discuss options for anesthesia to minimize any discomfort during your initial procedure.

What is the difference between PDO threads and BOTOX?
Most patients will be familiar with BOTOX or other injectables as viable treatments for fine lines and aging around the face. While these are fantastic options for some patients and some goals, patients with deeper lines and settling may be looking for more effective results than BOTOX alone can offer them. In an initial consultation at our Bluffton, SC office, you and Dr. Farr can discuss the severity of your facial lines and which treatment options are best for meeting your skin's needs.

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Eliminate Smokers' Lines

Smokers' lines are often a point of insecurity for our patients, but they don't have to be. Allow our staff at VIP Cosmetic Surgery in Bluffton, SC, to assess your skin and determine whether a PDO thread lift — or any of our many other procedures — may be an ideal fit to help you meet your aesthetic goals. Call us today to meet with Dr. Kenneth Farr or another talented member of our staff.

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