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Vaginal Rejuvenation in Bluffton, SC

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What is vaginal rejuvenation with ThermiVa?

Negative effects of genetics, pregnancy, birth, menopause, and the normal aging process can cause vaginal skin laxity, vaginal dryness, and decreased sexual pleasure, among other complications. Because sexual health issues are quality of life issues, VIP Cosmetic Surgery in Bluffton, SC, is proud to offer ThermiVa® as a noninvasive treatment option that will help to improve quality of life. As a nonsurgical treatment performed by our PA-C. ThermiVa utilizes radiofrequency energy to revive collagen to help tighten vaginal tissue and address functional difficulties. ThermiVa is both safe and capable of enhancing the elasticity and strength of vaginal tissue without a need for surgery or additional downtime. It's an excellent option for women looking to revive both the appearance and functionality of the vaginal region. For more information about this innovative therapy, call VIP Cosmetic Surgery today.

How does vaginal rejuvenation with Thermiva work?

Vaginal rejuvenation treatment at VIP Cosmetic Surgery, the ThermiVa wand is positioned just above the external region of the vagina and gently inserted into the internal vagina. The handpiece has a built-in thermometer to control the temperature to maintain the safety of your skin. Light, radiofrequency heat energy is used to revive and enhance collagen production. As an in-office procedure, ThermiVa is finalized in three 15 – 30 minute sessions. The treatment sessions will also have to be spaced a minimum of one month apart. Following the therapy, patients should avoid sex for at least a day but otherwise can continue their normal activities. For more information, visit our Bluffton, SC office today.

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Replenish and improve

With the help of ThermiVa, you no longer need to suffer from loose vaginal tissue or operational difficulties. There's no downtime needed, unlike with surgical approaches for vaginal tightening. Walk into the world with improved confidence following your ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation appointment. For additional information about this procedure, contact VIP Cosmetic Surgery in Bluffton, SC, to schedule a consultation.

Vaginal Rejuvenation FAQs

Is laser vaginal rejuvenation effective?
Laser vaginal rejuvenation at VIP Cosmetic Surgery utilizes our ThermiVa laser and is proven to help with vaginal laxity. You may also notice a direct correlation between your treatment and improvement of other sexual factors such as lack of drive, dryness, looseness, and others. You may also notice a more ideal appearance. Patients love ThermiVa rejuvenation due to its minimal invasiveness, short recovery window, and noticeable results.

Does laser vaginal rejuvenation treat loose skin?
Often, candidates for laser vaginal rejuvenation are looking for more vaginal tightness on the interior vaginal walls. There are life events, such as weight loss, aging, or childbirth, which strain the vaginal muscles and create looseness, and lasers represent a wonderful solution. If you struggle with loose skin, perhaps resulting in a stretched or oversized labia majora, you may also wish to consider revisional procedures such as labiaplasty.

Can I combine laser vaginal rejuvenation with other procedures?
This treatment is typically able to be combined with other procedures, which is one reason why weight loss patients and new moms both commonly add vaginal rejuvenation to other simultaneous procedures. You may have heard of the 'mommy makeover' — where new moms combine a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and vaginal tightening for a completely refreshed sense of self. You may also wish to discuss adding a labiaplasty to your treatment sessions to address both functional and aesthetic concerns. The specific procedures which you wish to add will all depend on your specific goals, budget, and timeline for treatment.

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