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what is earlobe repair?

Oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Kenneth Farr is pleased to offer earlobe repair surgery at VIP Cosmetic Surgery in Bluffton and Hilton Head, SC. This procedure is designed to change and improve the appearance of earlobes that have been damaged from earrings, gauges, scars, birth defects, and trauma. Dr. Farr utilizes modern technologies and techniques to achieve facial harmony and natural-looking results. If you have suffered from a torn or stretched earlobe, call our aesthetic boutique in Bluffton or Hilton Head, SC to book a consultation. Dr. Farr will be happy to review all your options so you can show off your features with confidence. 

what to expect from earlobe repair surgery?

Earlobe repair is accomplished with surgery. First, Dr. Farr will numb the treatment area with a local anesthetic and incorporate a series of specialized techniques to adjust and suture the tissue. The goal is to reconstruct the earlobes to achieve a symmetrical and natural appearance. Once the surgery is complete, patients can get back to their usual routine almost immediately without any required downtime. You can expect some mild swelling, bruising, and numbness, but this is temporary and will dissipate in the next few days after surgery. 

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earlobe surgery | Bluffton, SC

Have your earlobes been cut, torn, or stretched from earrings or an accident? Regain a natural appearance with earlobe repair surgery at VIP Cosmetic Surgery in Bluffton or Hilton Head, SC. Skilled oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Kenneth Farr is an expert in earlobe reconstruction and can help you achieve a flattering appearance. Contact our cosmetic office today to book an appointment and discuss pricing.

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