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Ptosis Lid and Brow Repair | Bluffton, SC

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what is ptosis lid and brow repair?

Ptosis is a condition that causes the upper eyelid to start to droop. This is due to weakened muscles that lead the eyelid to stretch, which could be caused from a variety of factors, including age, genetics, or some sort of injury or trauma. At VIP Cosmetic Surgery, skilled oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Kenneth Farr specializes in ptosis lid and brow repair. Through muscle repair, Dr. Farr can correct these issues that create a droopy eyelid or eyebrow. If you are experiencing ptosis of the eyelids or brows, reach out to our practice in Bluffton, SC today.

how is ptosis treated?

Eyelid and brow ptosis are generally corrected with surgery. For the eyelid, an upper lid ptosis repair surgery is performed to repair, re-attach, or reinforce the eyelid muscles. This can be coupled with blepharoplasty, or an eyelid lift as it's often called, to remove excess skin from the eyelids for a more awakened appearance. If a droopy brow is a concern, brow ptosis repair surgery is used. While these techniques differ, the overall approach is the same — repair the muscle as necessary, remove excess tissue, and tighten the remaining skin to achieve a taut appearance. Recovery will vary, depending on the type of surgery, degrees of skin laxity, age of the patient, and whether one or more areas are being treated. During your consult at VIP Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Farr will review all the costs, benefits, and risks of treatment so you can know what to expect and make a well-informed decision.

Ptosis Lid and Brow Repair FAQ

What causes droopy eyelids?

Droopy eyelids (or ptosis) can be caused by a variety of factors, including age, injury, or medical conditions/disorders. Often ptosis can be fixed with an eyelid lift (blepharoplasty), a brow lift, or both.

Will a brow lift fix ptosis?

Depending on your condition, a brow lift may be the best option to address your ptosis. Dr. Farr will assess your drooping eyelids during your consultation to determine if a brow lift, eyelid lift, or both will get the best results. Often a brow lift and eyelid lift are done at the same time.

How long is recovery from an eyelid and brow repair surgery?

Most patients experience swollen and bruised eyelids for 1 - 3 weeks after their eyelid repair surgery. Many people are ready to return to work and be in public after about two weeks.

Does insurance cover ptosis lid and brow repair surgery?

If your drooping eyelids are affecting your eyesight and an eyelid or brow lift is deemed medically necessary, often the procedures will be covered by insurance. You should always consult your insurance provider before scheduling any procedure.

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ptosis repair | Bluffton, SC

If you are suffering from ptosis in the upper eyelids or brows, help is available. Thanks to modern medical advancements, aesthetic surgery can be used to repair the muscles that cause these issues, as well as lift and tighten the eyelids and/or eyebrows for a more awakened appearance. If you live in or around Bluffton, SC, we invite you to call VIP Cosmetic Surgery to learn about your options to reduce ptosis of the eyelid or eyebrows.  Dr. Kenneth Farr is a highly trained oculoplastic surgeon who has helped countless men and women regain a natural and youthful appearance. Pricing varies depending on your custom treatment plan.

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